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It's nearly 15 years since I first published materials on-line at The Studyzone. Now there's piles of stuff, the most recent being to help students doing National Diploma units in IT, notes and links for web design and spreadsheets. There's a whole lot more if you look around and no doubt it will continue to grow as I get given new courses and units to deliver or, more likely, old ones need to be brought up to date as technology moves apace!

Although we're all surrounded by VLEs, and moodle tends to dominate e-learning forum conversation, I still find it much simpler to maintain things here where no passwords are required and you can take what you please and make good use of it.

I am also part of the Technology in Education network.

HNC In Computing

Project Development

Web design

National Diploma Level 3

Digital Graphics



Organisational System Security

Impact of IT in Business

Level 2 Diploma

Web design

Presenting Information


Supporting Organisations with IT

Introduction to Web design

The little spreadsheet course