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This is an example of the pages required for Assignment 3 in Unit 10, set for students on the National Diploma course by Andrew Hill. The content suggested for the various pages is described here, the text copied from the Assignments page on The Studyzone.

This design comes in the following low-sodium flavors: red, green, blue, magenta, and brown. Click on a color to see it in action (requires JavaScript).

Assignment 3

This is the main assignment for the unit where you'll be given a brief and have to design, create and test a web site which utilises CSS. This task will also provide an opportunity to provide evidence for some merit and distinction grades if you can apply different stylesheets and change the site effectively, develop some other scripting and provide commentary on its effectiveness.

A client requires a web site comprising four main pages. The first is a high impact home page featuring a message detailing information specific to the user (eg a welcome line that refers to his or her local time, browser or location). The others contain a user poll or gather opinion in a similar way on a topic, an image gallery displaying thumbnails of 6 pictures linked to larger versions and a page featuring an RSS feed supplying content from an external source.

The site should have a consistent design theme (varied only for the front page) with common links, font style, headings and link formats given effect by a stylesheet.

On completion of the site, make a critical review of the pages and indicate which features are particularly effective and which you would consider replacing with an alternative method or code source for display.

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