Green Window

This is an example of the pages required for Assignment 3 in Unit 10, set for students on the National Diploma course by Andrew Hill. This design comes in the following low-sodium flavors: red, green, blue, magenta, and brown. Click on a color to see it in action (requires JavaScript).

This is the Polls page, featuring two from the webtools site, using Zoho Polls' free services. The simple star rating device is popular with users familiar with the format from Amazon, rating tracks on Windows Media pLayer etc. There are also lots of fun, some stupid, some interesting, and colourful polls that others have made which can be used, like the one on the right, from Polls Boutique, where you can also create your own. In the links section there are several others. Freeonlinesurveys and Survey Monkey are both used by many institutions and you may recognise the interface provided on these two. Possibly best of all is the new feature that Google have added to their Office-like suite, whereby you can create forms which people can complete on-line and display results on your site. An example of this at work is included in the Contact page of this site.

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