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Here are the main elements of a web design contract:


If you already have a site and space I would only need the log-in details to access the space provided. If not I can provide really secure and well-maintained web space for you. I recommend UK2.net who host all my own sites and (touch wood!) I have never experienced any down time in over 10 years. I also get a substantial discount on their rates.


Usually a client has an idea of what they'd like in terms of layout and colour and, of course, specific shades needed to match other promotional material and to retain the right corporate image and identity. This I tend to identify at an initial meeting or in correspondence, phone calls etc. and can then prepare two or three alternatives for consideration.


Although I write original content for clients in many fields, you will probably be able to reduce costs significantly by preparing draft text yourselves. Indeed, much may already be in various leaflets or documents you have prepared for distribution and printed information. Similarly, you may not need me to take photos for the site and will have lots of your own somewhere that I can use. So the only cost is my making the text and images 'work' on the site pages and checking for readibility and mistakes which even teachers make sometimes(!)

Number of sections / sub-sections

This is simply related to the number of pages and links I have to create. The more complex the structure the longer it takes.


Things that can add to the cost would be photo galleries, on-line contact or enquiry forms, current news pages, videos or audio files and generally things that move when you click. I think photo galleries and on-line enquiries are good features in moderation and I tend to include things like that in a 'normal' cost estimate but costs for some other features will vary depending on specific requirements as some are easy and some are difficult. News pages are getting popular and I usually make a blog that staff can use to update a news page.


This is something that is often completely missed. You get a lovely looking site at a reasonable-sounding price - then . . . you want to change something and it costs a fortune! I think that's why so many sites I see are so out of date! My approach is simply to charge a fair price at the start and agree to a set period during which content changes and all essential maintenance is free, maybe for 6 months or a year. After that, a pre-determined annual fee will cover maintenance and content changes and, as you can imagine, that fee will depend on discussions as to how often you think changes would be made. I would make all normal changes to content and error fixes within an agreed timescale, usually 48 hours maximum. Naturally, big design changes or a whole new area would be a separate matter to quote for.

Compliance with regulations

I would monitor changes in the law and good practice regarding web sites in the sector and make recommendations from time to time without charge. My role as Chairman of a JISC E-learning Forum helps with that so it is relatively easy to keep you informed but many agencies wouldn't be aware of them or would have to bill you each time.

As a cost example, I am currently being promoted in another business area at a cost of £495 for up to 10 pages, including a photo gallery and news page.

Here are examples of the many sites I design and manage - some simple, some complicated, some big, some little! I am happy to provide contacts for all of these (well, two are mine so that would be silly but feel free to call or contact any of the others!)

Oxford Guardians
Adrian Pinckard Photography
Web tools for students and teachers
Charlie's Dog Training Centre and Courses [sample]
Holistic therapy
The Studyzone
American Idol
X Factor USA and UK

I am an Associate Lecturer at Middlesex University and also lecture in web design, digital images and business management at Central Bedfordshire College and work with a team of students and ex-students in providing services promptly and at a fair price.