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Dvolver used to be Dfilm - a fascinating tool to create movies online using Flash components. Simplistic in many respects but could prove useful (and would give students some fun creating!). The end result of your movie is emailed to you or you can just make it and play it.

Here's a slightly silly example that took about 10 minutes to make and publish.

The team have also developed Stag'd - shown opposite.

Stage'd is a digital toy for creating animated comics.

Stage'D is definitely a work-in-progress, but already there's lots of fun to be had. You can pick characters and choose costumes for them. Then you can pick from a library of animations for them to perform, and don't forget to give'em some dialog! Pick some scenery and you officially have a comic, easy as that.

All that's left is to share it with the world. When you've saved your comic you can e-mail it to your friends, or just take the link and share it yourself on Facebook, Twitter or anyplace else!

Take a look around, make a comic or five and enjoy! and
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