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Where do I start? Google have really done a fabulous job with the way they've developed Google documents. Either create a document, spreadhseet or presentation on-line or save an Office-type document there. With folders, you can store things sensibly and get at them anywhere.

More importantly, you can share anything with either specific people or publish as web pages. For presentations there's a great embedding function that provides a bit of code so that your slides can be clicked through right there on a web page or VLE.

Forms have now been added and they are just brilliant. Do surveys, get feedback or collect data simply and have it all stored in a spreadsheet for further work or just view responses with ready-made charts.



Microsoft had the excellent LiveMesh but that's now been discontinued and the replacement, which only works with Vista and 7 is disappointing. Google are well ahead and with a combination of their tools like Blogger you can put everything you need on-line and just link to your material on sites or VLE course pages.

I'm using Google forms to collect reviews and feedback on this site now.

I hardly need to mention Google's search tools. Their images search results page have just been redesigned too.

GMail is far superior to any other web mail application and I haven't used Outlook for years. With Google Apps now coming along, you'll be able to make apps for smartphones too. It gets better and better. Enjoy yourself!
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