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more tools

twitter tell the world what you're doing and get ideas and links from others

facebook not just social networking

linked in respectable social networking with the accent on work

andrew's scheme of work and lesson plan tool

the latest version of the popular (but still a bit clunky!) spreadsheet that does your scheme of work and lessons plans in one go

Teens A-Z of apps today!


edufire on-line courses

The Khan academy absolutely amazing set of resources, vidoes, tests, feedback and much more

intute share course materials

ndrb and nln

two sets of learning resources covering all sorts of topics. The NDRB one is popular in schools and NLN is back again - soon no log-in will be required

internet detective mini course on web research

faqica notes and news in the ICT world

firefield sports team management and collaboration on-line

echowaves simple IM and social networking app



screentoaster smart links

tag the crowd make one of those word clouds

quizlet create simple quizzes

gadwin screenprints plus

eclipse crossword make and publish crosswords

camtasia make screen instruction videos

opendisc lots of open source software students will like

Schoology a nice place to view and share teaching resources with extra features too for your own classes


three apps featured on the Schoology site but which have appeal individually for maths and language, common core subject activities



other useful tools and sites that do lots of things
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