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Marketing | Communications

See Google Docs and Google+

Initial Assessment | Online tests

See Google Forms

Induction | Programme content - Assessment - Maps and plans

See Google Calendar and Google Forms. Maps and plans can also be created using Google Docs or, of course, Google Maps which includes various features for adding your organisation so that it is highlighted when anyone views that area and can provide useful services such as Directions and nearby amenities, all of which can be incorporated into a document, presentation or web site.

Planning | Targets and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

See Google Forms and Calendar

Teaching and Learning | Presenting Information - Research - Web space

See Google Docs, Forms and Google+

Assessment & Achievement | Monitoring - Digital Submission

See Google Calendar, Docs and Forms

Reviewing Progress | Monitoring

See Google Calendar and Forms

Google Drive





Mail G+

Search files | Open file types

Apps | Share with others

Discussion | Track changes

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