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Posts you make to your Page will be visible publicly (unless you wish to restrict them) and Google offer several ways to help you promote your page and attract followers and people who can contribute constructively to whatever discussions you start there or projects with which you may need assistance.

Alternatively, you can simply use the Page and your posts as a marketing development - not bothering about adding anyone, merely getting as many to add your Page to their Circles as you can.


Directly from any Google+ page, you can start a video conference or just chat with invited participants. All that is required is a web cam and/or microphone. The whole Hangout can be recorded within Google+ and saved for future reference. New media are now utilising this feature and there have been several high profile Hangouts recently by politicians and people in the news who have Google+ accounts.


A very new addition is the Communities feature where you can choose other organisations of individuals to join or to join you in a special interest group. So, if you organisation was an Art & Design related institution in Milton Keynes, say, you might find advantage in linking with Artists, local College Art & Design students and curriculum staff and selected individuals who you feel could contribute to such a Community Page.

Similar to a Google+ Page, you would set up another Page and this could automatically display posts from your own organisation’s Page as well as anyone else you decided to add and, of course, those from other members.



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