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Shown there will be local businesses that have registered their accounts with Google+ and, of course, your own organisation will be displayed when others use the feature. Places includes a simple reviewing and rating facility where people can make comments about an entry and rate it.

The selection of places displayed may be small or large depending upon the location indicated and, being a comparatively new and little known feature, it will be by no means complete and ratings may come from just one or two customers so care should be taken in paying too much attention to them.

You may well wish to consider checking whether your organisation has any comments, however, from time to time and adding your own comments if appropriate.


If you have any events coming up that you would like to publicise then use the Events icon, accessible from any Google+ page.

It is very simple to set up with walk-through assistance from Google+. Once set up you will have a unique Events page and this will be appear as a post from you in all your followers’ streams. In addition you can use Google+ to promote your Event across the whole of the network. Google will use various data interpretation methods to attempt to match your Event to those most likely to be interested in it, either by location, keywords or other data they hold.

It is also a simple matter to have the Event shared as an on-line poster by email through Google+ and GMail (you will have a Gmail account just by creating a Google account at the outset, which could be used).



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