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Using Search within Google+

Ask any student to find out about a topic and they will invariably go to Google and search there. Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that and they will certainly get lots of links to choose from to further their research. The results, however, of a Google+ search may well provide some interesting additional, maybe more pertinent, links and, importantly, will provide opportunities to view pages on Google+ where the author, their profiles, followers, who they follow may influence the researcher as to the value of the information gained.

A search for geminids produced posts from an amateur astronomer, whose profile provided considerable information about where to see them and what they were and all bang up-to-date, and a another post from an author of articles for Astronomy Essentials, with yet more fascinating links and personal insights.

Further down the list of findings were many photographs of meteor trails and a remarkable collection of night images by someone who described themselves as an ‘astrophotographer’. Whilst the standard Google, Bing or Yahoo search will have provided good links too, naturally, these types of more in depth and local expert articles and illustrations may well have not appeared until many pages in, if at all.



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