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Creating a Google+ Page can be an excellent way to present information, whether this is by a tutor for students or students for tutors or as a collection of posts relating to their work. Because Google+ supports all the components of Google Drive it is simple to link to documents, presentations, videos and almost any type of item. Whether displayed in a series of posts, like a Blog, or just links to a blog, Drive area or web space, a Google+ Page can incorporate comments from other interested parties too.

By adding colleagues or fellow students to a Circle it may be possible to collate work on a group project or even publish a commentary of how a group set its objectives, researched and reported.

Published information can be limited as to who can access or comment on it - even kept entirely private.

Hangouts are another way to publish video or audio resources realted to a project or, perhaps, to include reflection on achievements. A Hangout might also be an interview which explains more to the viewer about a student’s approach to his work.



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