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Class research of a topic or interest could include Twitter as well as traditional internet and other media searches. A comparison of the results could be revealing and encourage discrimination between facts and opinions perhaps.

Follow an event live

If a particularly important event was taking place at the time then Twitter might usefully provide a stream of comments from those close to what is happening, providing a quite different viewpoint to an aggregated news report later.

Join or follow a discussion

By allocating a #hashtag to an event or discussion group, those participating can contribute through Tweets (and a stream of these comments might be displayed on a screen at the event to encourage debate or obtain feedback).

Updating on-line advice / material

Twitter ‘feeds’ (e.g. the stream of Tweets from an individual user) can be embedded in a blog or website so that a tutor could, for instance, regularly update a set of on-line resources with comments or links to new information etc. Tweeting is likely to be faster and more instant than editing a blog, website or learning environment and users will be able to scroll through the stream published to catch up on new material or advice they may have missed, old Tweets always being available in a timeline.


As a simple communication tool - Twitter is becoming as popular as texting with some teenagers who appear to be using Email much less now. The Twitter app for smartphones is often included on a new smartphone (but is free to download too) and is faster than most smartphone Email apps and works where there may be poor mobile reception, operating over WiFi. There is a Direct Messaging option which, without changing privacy settings, can be used to send a Tweet just to selected people, for more confidential messages.



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