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Here are some good ideas from Edudemic (although on their site they don’t seem to realise that there are lots of tablets that these’ll work on as well as the Apple ones)

QR Codes Quick Response are so fun to integrate in classroom. Quick Response codes are bar codes with information. QR Codes can include contact information, websites, text, SMS, pictures and so much more. My students absolutely love using these in their activities.

Here are some ways to Integrate QR Codes in Your Lessons

1. Worksheets ~ Create a 3 – In – A Row worksheets for students to play with another student.

2. Scavenger Hunts ~ Post codes around the school have student solve problems and find the correct answers.

3. Pass It ~ You can create several problems on one worksheet, cut them and play Pass It. Each student/group solves a problem and them pass it to the next student/group.

4. Contact Information for Parents and Students ~ Post in classroom for students and parents to obtain phone number, email address, class website, etc.

5. Notes ~ Such an easy way to post notes and great for students to always have access to them at all times.

6. Assignments ~ Post Homework assignments in codes for students to scan before leaving class.

7. Hints/Tutorials to assist on problems ~ Use when students are solving problems. They can scan the code when they are having trouble or need help.

Quick Response Codes are so easy to create. I have found that QR Stuff is the easiest site to use to create codes…3 steps and you are done. Download your code and insert it into any document or presentation. The best thing is that it is free to create.