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Weblogs (Blogs)

AUTHOR (Year) Title of the posting (if applicable). [Weblog] Title of the site. Day/month of posting. Available from: web address [Accessed date].

e.g. TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION (2008) Behaviour detection officers lead to arrest in Orlando. [Weblog] Evolution of security. 2nd April. Available from: http://www.tsa.gov/blog/ [Accessed 03/04/08].


WIKI NAME (Year) Title of article. [Online] Available from: web address [Accessed date].

e.g. INFOTEACH (2007) Learning_outcomes. [Online] Available from: http://infoteach.org/wiki/doku.php/learning_outcomes [Accessed 18/04/13]

Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Bebo etc)

These are web pages so should be referenced as such.

AUTHOR(S) (Year) Title of page. [Title of web site] Day/month of posted message. Available from: web address [Accessed date].

e.g. JONES, S. (2009) Referencing Group. [Facebook] 5th May. Available from:

www.facebook.com [Accessed 09/05/09].

or GUARDIAN (2012) Homeless teenager forced to live in tent after councils neglect his needs http://chttp://gu.com/p/39t49/tf. [Twitter] 8th August. Available from: https://twitter.com/guardian/status/232976814790807552 [Accessed 08/08/12]

Media (video, film, or broadcast)

Title. (Year) [Type of media] ORIGINATOR (e.g. director). Place of production: Production company.

e.g. Rebel without a cause. (1983) [Film] Directed by NICHOLAS RAY. USA: Warner Bros.

A television or radio broadcast should also include the date and time of broadcast and the episode number, if applicable.

Title. (Year) Episode number and name if applicable. [Type of media] ORIGINATOR (e.g. channel). Exact date and time of broadcast.

e.g. The culture show. (2013) [TV] BBC2. 13th March, 2200 hrs.

or Doctor Who. (2013) Episode 8, Cold war. [TV] BBC1. 13th April, 1800 hrs.

or Book of the week. (2008) The Atlantic Ocean. [Radio] BBC RADIO 4. 21st July, 0945 hrs.Individual contributors or interviewees should be cited as follows:

How to acknowledge sources in your work

Harvard Reference Guide